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Recycle Asphalt Product

Staten Island Asphalt is Staten Island’s only mobile, hot mix asphalt plant capable of producing 300 ton of asphalt per hour containing 40% RAP.

RAP stands for Recycled or Reclaimed Asphalt Products. Recycled Asphalt Product comes from millings taken from roads that are being resurfaced or repaired. The millings contain valuable asphalt binder and aggregate. Once removed the RAP can be used in two ways – as an aggregate that is mixed with virgin asphalt binder substitute or as a granular base or fill material.

It is estimated that 90 million tons of asphalt paving is reclaimed each year, making asphalt the most commonly recycled product.

Recycling asphalt became popular in the 1970’s during the Arab oil embargo. RAP was successfully used for government transportation projects. Although recycling asphalt was found to be good for the environment and the roads, most government agencies and municipalities limited the amount of RAP acceptable for road paving to only 15% because there were no binder grade changes or additional tests necessary for lower percentages.

In 2007 the Federal Highway Administration created guidelines for using RAP for the construction and rehabilitation of flexible pavement. The purpose of the guidelines is to advance the use of RAP in asphalt paving application by providing government agencies and industry guidance for increasing the use of RAP.

Currently the United States produces 500 million tons of new asphalt paving material each year which includes 60 million tons of recycled asphalt product. From 1990’s to 2007 the use of RAP in asphalt products went from 72 million tons per year to 100 million tons per year.

Staten Island Asphalt produces hot mix asphalt containing 40% RAP for road applications. Our sister company, Green Asphalt produces hot mix asphalt containing 100% RAP. Our asphalt is both durable and ecofriendly.

Staten Island Asphalt is happy to answer any questions you may have about 3/4″ Recycle Asphalt Product and its uses. Call us today at (718) 698-3539