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3/4" Crushed Stone Chips (ASTM #57)

Staten Island Asphalt has the best price on ASTM #57 3/4″ stone. This is angular or cubical shaped stone that appears as pink, light red or light purple in color. It is used as a component in asphalt, concrete, Portland cement and concrete surface treatments for roads, parking lots, driveways, bedding material, drainage, rock mulch, slope protection, erosion control landscaping and ground cover.

It’s size is US sieve ¾” and weighs 1.4 tons per loose cubic yard.

ASTM #57 stone is made by crushing larger stone then sorting the pieces through a sieve. The larger or ¾” stone is kept as #57 while the smaller particles or sand is allowed to pass through.

ASTM #57 is the aggregate grading. It falls under the ASTM concrete aggregate category of C33. Stone mixes made using C33 aggregates are porous having more rapid permeability making them the right aggregate to be used in gravel walkways allowing water to seep through to the ground below.

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